PLTP 3 MW Kamojang

BPPT are currently focusing on developing small scale geothermal power plant (PLTP) as in Kamojang, Garut, West Java. There, the agency developed a geothermal power plant 3 Megawatt (MW) scale with a condensing system.

This prototype will be the only small scale geothermal power plant in Indonesia, which only requires a small investment of minimal but sufficient for the purposes of small industries and household. In addition, the power plant is fully designed by BPPT and will use a variety of local components, including turbines and generators. For turbines, BPPT took Nusantara Turbin Propulsi (NTP), an IPTN subsidiary, while for generators BPPT was in cooperation with PT Pindad. As a national priority programs, the development of geothermal energy obtained BPPT National Budget allocation totalling to Rp50 billion for investment in manufacturing turbines, generators, cooling systems, construction up to mobilization.